You’ve heard that light can make beer “skunky” and that it can alter the taste of milk after only a few minutes of direct sunlight it’s because of the damaging effects of light that many products, such as pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement containers, require a packaging that shields the contents inside.  In order to manufacture these types of packaging, it’s important to first determine it’s opacity, or its impenetrability to various forms of radiation.  By establishing pass/fail criteria for a container’s opacity and with the help of an online opacity testing, it’s easy to eliminate defects and engage in real time quality control.

The OPAX Online Opacity Sensor combines proven sensor technology with innovative hardware to provide users with an easy-to-use light transmission measurement system which can be used on materials such as high- and low- density polyethylene, HDPE plastic and other opaque materials like paper and composite films.  A laser-mark position sensor indicates the container in position to be measured while a numerical display indicates the observed levels.  The OPAX’s high detection speed provides a 100 microsecond discrete response which can be monitored on an external system thanks to the OPAX’s high-resolution analog output.  Its rugged design and adjustable brackets provide quick installation and integration into your application.