Invisible inks which are detectable by UV sensors have numerous applications. Two areas in which they have continued to grow more widely utilized and depended upon are packaging and security. In either instance, a reliable, industry-leading sensor, like the UVX luminescence sensor will provide the perfect detection solution.

Various forms of packaging materials will by necessity have registration marks to determine orientation and/or correct assembly. Of course, a visible mark on the packaging itself isn’t aesthetically suitable for consumer products. To solve this problem, UV marks and targets which are invisible to the naked eye can be utilized. For instance, an invisible UV bar or mark could be printed every 10 or 12 inches to cut a clear film in the perfect length from a much larger spool. When a machine sees the UV mark, it instantaneously knows where to cut or slice that material, and completes that operation.

This provides a quicker and more consistent option than a gauge based upon the speed of how fast that material is moving. In the aforementioned scenario, the film unwinding from that spool will encounter numerous variables and complexities which changes its speed, including nearing the end of the spool. This leads to an inefficient system where inaccurate readings are being made, and as a result, inaccurate processes are being conducted by the automated system.

In addition to packaging, invisible ink is also widely used for security purposes. Everything from dollar bills to credit cards today have various counterfeiting and security measures, often including UV inks and markers. Even expensive beauty products may have UV security inks on the packaging in order to protect against counterfeits and rip-off products. In these cases, it’s easy to quickly determine whether or not a product is legitimate without having any visible marks which could easily be copied if they were visible.

With the family of UVX luminescence sensors, you’ll be able to quickly, securely and consistently detect invisible ink for either packaging or security applications.