In container manufacturing it is crucial to protect the contents of a product from the damaging effects of light – both visible and non-visible – that shorten shelf life. The solution is EMX Industries’ OPAX – an opacity monitoring sensor to ensure a 100% quality controlled production process.

The OPAX will detect light transmission through a plastic container to determine if the opacity is at a desired level therefore ensuring the integrity of the product inside. By receiving the OPAX’s real-time output, immediate action can be taken to adjust the product mixing system and minimize waste. This leads to HUGE cost savings for manufacturers by reducing the amount of material (such as the container colorant Titanium Dioxide) used in the production process.

Eliminate time consuming off-line visual inspections and costly lab equipment, the OPAX is a cost effective way of checking every product container on every line for zero defects.

This opacity verification sensor can be used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical HDPE containers
  • Thermo-formed/injection molded bottles
  • LDPE bottle production
  • Food packaging
  • Composite films
  • Beverage container manufacturing

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