BriteX Brightness Sensor

BriteX Brightness Sensor

  • 99 levels of relative brightness scale
  • Detection range up to 1000mm
  • High resolution analog output
  • Calibration option


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BriteX Brightness Sensor OVERVIEW

The BriteX™ brightness sensor employs our field-proven, patented technology to provide a simple solution for on-line monitoring and detection of a wide variety of materials in manufacturing and packaging applications. Our brightness sensors can detect differences in color, brightness, and surface texture at a lower cost than competing products making them an ideal solution for multi-point sensing applications. BriteX brightness sensors improve process control by allowing more measurement points for real-time process feedback. Tighter control of processes can reduce operating costs and minimize quality variations.

The BriteX sensor measures relative brightness defined by ISO 2470 as a reflectance factor of diffused blue light at 457nm. The BriteX features a 2-digit display that provides an indication of signal strength, making set-up and integration quick and easy. The versatile sensor provides user set-up parameters including light source intensity adjustment, detection threshold, and gain selection.

Brightness Sensor Applications:

  • Paper
  • Pulp
  • Rice
  • Gypsum
  • Sugar


Sensor Variations

  • BriteX-1000P™ – For in-line process control of paper brightness, paper bleaching, and de-inking, paper grading, and textile applications
  • BriteX-1000S™ – Effective reflectance measurements of raw or refined ICUMSA* sugar color on-line using field-proven, patented technology.


*ICUMSA Limited has not set a specification for the BriteX technology. ICUMSA Limited has not reviewed and therefore does not endorse BriteX technology. It is ICUMSA Limited’s policy to not endorse any proprietary equipment or manufacturer.


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  • Numerical display in standard brightness units
  • Several times the range of competing sensors
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Variable projected-light intensity enables flexible operation over wide range of distances and materials
Model Number BriteX-100 BriteX-1000P BriteX-1000S
Application Optimized for small target areas Dry end paper ICUMSA sugar
Display Range 0-99 0-99 0-99
Spot Size 8mm 50mm 50mm
Operating Range up to 150mm up to 900mm up to 900mm

BriteX Brightness Sensor – Detecting Transparent Tape

See how the BriteX brightness sensor can easily verify the presence of transparent tape in automated packaging applications.

BriteX Sensor – Sugar Color with Relative ICUMSA Values

The BriteX-1000S™ sensor displays the relative ICUMSA values of sugar color allowing seamless measurement, monitoring, and if needed, adjustment.

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