Sample Testing

Sample Evaluation Report

Interested in seeing if one of our senors is compatible with your process? Find out more below!

How it works

When you are trying to automate an inline process like:

  • Label verification
  • The presence/absence of certain materials
  • Saftey seal detection
  • Any number of other functions


It can be difficult to determine which sensor configuration will work for your process.

This is exactly why we offer free sample evaluation testing!

1. Send us a sample product

    • We will test our sensors against your actual product in a real-world scenario


2. We will test the appropriate sensor and configuration necessary for your desired output

    • No one knows our sensors better than the engineers that developed them. Let us take the hassle of testing different configurations out of the equation


3. We will send you a detailed summary of the test along with the necessary configuration

    • Should you decide to purchase your sensors from us, you will have all of the information necessary to get you up and running!

Interested in one of our Sensors?

Free Sample Testing!