UVX Luminescence Sensor

UVX Luminescence Sensor

  • High-speed, 10kHz switching
  • Numeral display (on most models)
  • Calibration option


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UVX Luminescence Sensors Overview

Confirm manufacturing processes more reliably than vision systems that cost ten times more. The UVX™ employs our field-proven, patented technology, for effective detection of UV luminescent materials such as wood, grease, adhesives, UV inks, and optical brighteners used in many industrial applications. Its high sensitivity and fast response make the UVX suitable for high-speed automation processes and long-range use. The metal alloy case and glass lens provide robust construction expected in an industrial environment.

Our UV sensors confirm manufacturing processes more reliably than vision systems that cost ten times more!


Why Choose a UV Sensor?

These powerful sensors enable manufacturers to improve their productivity and bottom lines by automating numerous verification and detection tasks with extreme accuracy and speed.

Whether the goal is to upgrade a manual verification process or guarantee product quality, UV sensors are the solution in today’s fast-paced production environments. Discover what UVX sensors can do for you.

Luminescence Sensors Applications:

  • Packaging – labels, UV inks (visible and non-visible)
  • Paper/films – optical brightness
  • Textile – luminescent threads
  • Wood processing – oils, paints, grease
  • Automotive assembly and medical equipment – Glues, gums, adhesives

Read our application notes on how UV sensors can improve efficiency in your industry.

UVX Luminescence Sensors Handbook

This FREE handbook…

  • Explains how UVX sensors work
  • Gives guidance on how to choose the right type of UV sensor for your application
  • Provides a series of examples of how they are used
  • Includes a listing of suppliers of UV luminescent materials that can be used to make products detectable by UVX sensors

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Features of the UVX Series Luminescence Sensors

  • The unique numerical display on the UVX series lets you see the intensity of each reading. Now it’s easy to refine processes and hysteresis.
  • It features 3 to 6 times the range of any competing luminescence sensor. The UVX luminescence sensor won’t get bumped or dirtied by target.
  • The UVX series is the only luminescence detector with both auto-teach and manual calibration. Easy for low-skill operators, but able to be finely tuned.
  • It also features adjustable UV light projection and high resolution allow pin-head size detection.
  • Our UVX series luminescence sensor allows for fast and convenient integration. In one luminescence detector, you get both analog and discrete output, auto-detect for PNP/NPN.
  • The UVX series is the smallest and fastest luminescence sensor on the market.
Model Number UVX-30-TP UVX-50-T UVX-100 UVX-300 UVX-300G UVX-300G-C UVX-600G-C UVX-300G-FGC
Display Range N/A N/A 0-50 0-50 0-99 0-99 0-99 0-99
Sensitivity Standard Standard Standard High High High Highest High
Gain Selections 1X-10X 1X-10X 1X-10X 1X-10X 1X-5X 1X-Adjustable 1X-Adjustable 1X-Adjustable
Spectral Sensitivity 400-700nm 400-700nm 400-700nm 400-700nm 400-700nm 400-700nm 400-700nm 400-700nm
Operating Range 28mm 28mm 20-100mm 20-350mm 20-350mm 20-350mm 50-600mm 20-350mm

1. The operating range is affected by the level of luminescence in the target material
2. UVX-300L50 accessory lens focuses the light spot to 2mm dia. at 30mm sensor-to-target distance. It cannot be used with the UVX-50-T, UVX-300G-REM, and UVX-600G-C.

Verification of UV printed date code

The UVX luminescence sensor verifies the presence of am invisible date code printed on a container

UV primer detection

UVX300G-C, High gain, high LED settings. 50mm sensor to target distance.
Alternative, UVX600 for higher sensitivity, increased distance.

UV Ink on cable

UVX300G-C 120mm sensor to target, UV ink printed on to cable

Spec Sheets

UVX-300G-C / UVX-300G-FGC


UVX-300G-C / UVX-300G-FGC

Support Documents

Luminescence Sensor Selection Guide
Request UV Sensor Application Handbook