particulate monitor
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PMX Particulate Monitor

  • 99 levels of relative light transmission
  • Up to 30 ft. operation
  • High resolution analog output
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Particulate Monitor Overview

The PMX Particulate Monitor can be used in a wide range of applications to detect changes in light transmission up to a distance of 30 ft. The light transmission is affected by smoke, dust and other airborne particulates.

The PMX is available in two styles: a board only configuration intended for integration into OEM equipment and in NEMA 4X housings for other applications that require a sealed enclosure.

The sensor provides a 2 digit display of signal strength for quick and easy system integration, PNP/NPN output with automatic selection and a 0-5V analog output for remote monitoring.

The PMX Particulate Monitor provides a cost effective solution to log light transmission variations and take action, such as activating exhaust fans, in industrial and commercial ventilation applications.

Energy Saving Advantage

Currently in the commercial kitchen hood market, ventilation is activated in the morning and stays active until the facility closes at night. The PMX sensor will enable the kitchen hood ventilation unit to be activated and adjust its speed based on the amount of smoke generated by the food being cooked. Overall, the PMX allows ventilation to be based on actual ventilation demand and not just be a static operation, which is a significant energy and cost savings.

PMX Sensor Applications:

  • Demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV)
  • Ventilation systems
  • Commercial cooking hoods
  • Factory venting
  • Exhaust systems
  • Environmental monitoring


  • Relative light transmission units display
  • High-resolution analog output allows monitoring of light transmission by external system
  • High detection speed with 100 microsecond discrete output response
  • Calibration feature allows manual user sensitivity adjustment
  • Unique numerical display indicates measured levels, making process set-up easy
  • LED adjustment
Model Number Display Range Sensitivity Gain Selections Operating
Discrete Output Analog Output
PMX 0-99 High Adjustable Up to 30 ft. PNP/NPN 0-5V

White nylon liquid tight strain relief connectors
set of 2

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