For Label Manufacturers, Accuracy and Quality Control are Essential

With countless thousands of labels running on your lines every hour of every day, just one minor problem can lead to a costly, wasteful problem that sets you back significantly. While label counting solutions are available, they’re very expensive — making them less than ideal in today’s uncertain economy. A label counting and detection sensor from EMX Industries, Inc. is the ideal alternative, and for a number of reasons that we will explore shortly.

First, What Are Common Needs for a Label Counting Sensor? 

Our LabelX sensors can be used for a variety of verification, detection, and quality control purposes:

  • Counting — Of course, you likely need to count labels as they move between stages in production or off-line onto rolls to ensure accuracy and consistency. Any discrepancies or anomalies might indicate a problem with your equipment or another process.
  • Overlapping — You need to detect when two labels overlap or are both on the same spot, which could signal an issue earlier in the production process.
  • Splice Detection — Depending on your production needs, identifying splices in-line may be critical to identify when two sheets or other splice types are present.
  • System Integration — You might also need a solution that integrates with other automation or production equipment, such as a programmable logic controller (PLC).

While our LabelX sensors can support all of these needs, it’s important to note that a single label counting sensor can’t perform all of them at once. That said, multiple LabelX sensors will still be more affordable than many traditional label counting systems. Fortunately, our sensors are among the easiest to integrate into today’s manufacturing environments and feature rugged housings and accessories that protect them from dust and other unwanted variables.

To ensure you have the right label counting sensor for your goals, EMX Industries, Inc. has developed two distinct options: the LBX-50 for opaque labels and the LBX-100 for transparent labels.


Our LBX-50 label detection sensor is ideal for detecting and counting standard and low-contrast labels in a variety of environments. As long as the backing material is different than the label and the label itself is opaque, the LBX-50’s 12.5 kHz detection speed will ensure that each label is identified and accounted for on your line. The LBX-50 features a 3mm gap as well as two Teach modes for switching between low contrast labels and standard labels.

Download the LBX-50 spec sheet for complete details. 


For applications where you need a label counting sensor for clear/transparent labels (including those with transparent backings), the LBX-100 shines. It provides many of the same features as the LBX-50 but with higher sensitivity, including a Custom Teach mode for recording a separate measurement on the gap and on the label to allow for optimal detection of difficult labels.

Download the LBX-100 spec sheet for more information and features.

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Work with EMX for Your Label Counting and Detection Goals

EMX Industrial Automation designs, manufactures, and supports a full range of industrial sensor solutions. Above all, we prioritize ease of integration, cost effectiveness, robust construction, operating speed, and accuracy in every sensor. We ensure our solutions produce reliable results consistently for your organization from the moment you start using it and every day thereafter.

If you’ve been looking for a new label counting sensor solution, are looking to replace an outdated or underperforming system, or are just beginning to explore your options, our team is ready to prove the capability and performance of our LabelX line. We offer complimentary sample testing on all of our sensors and provide you with a written summary of the results, along with images, recommended usage, and integration recommendations.

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