With Different Bottles Come Verification Challenges

Need a high quality label sensor? What you choose will vary based on several factors. Depending on your industry, you might be manufacturing bottled products in a variety of different container types. These might include transparent plastic or glass bottles or opaque bottles with colorants added to the container material. And depending on your organization’s marketing for and design of those products, the labels for those bottles can differ just as drastically. They might be solid white, full color, or transparent with inks.

Whatever your production for bottled products looks like, being able to quickly and accurately verify the presence of labels is essential for quality control, sorting needs, and other production goals. But with today’s high rate of demand, this task is far beyond what the human eye can perform. A high quality label sensor solution that can be integrated directly into your production line is the best way to rapidly verify the presence of labels on your products.

If you’re not sure where to start, EMX Industries, Inc. offers a variety of high quality label sensor options for verification on bottle needs. These include the CNTX contrast sensor, the UVX luminescence sensor, and the ColorMax color sensor. Each of these sensors can work with transparent or opaque labels but offers specific advantages. Here, we’ll explore what each of these sensors offers based on the type of materials and labels you’re producing.

Consider These High Quality Label Sensor Options

CNTX Contrast Sensor

As the fastest sensor available at EMX Industries, the CNTX contrast sensor is ideal for verifying the presence of different labels on bottles. Also known as a registration mark sensor, the CNTX can rapidly detect black marks on the label. Thanks to its broad-spectrum white LED light source, it can also detect different colors against any background. Precisely positioned, its small spot size options ensure that only the specific mark is being detected — eliminating the chance of other elements triggering the sensor.

Other advantages of the CNTX contrast sensor:

  • Lightning-fast 40kHz switching speed
  • Works with neutral and color targets
  • Can detect different surface finishes
  • Durable case and lens for industrial areas
  • Numerical display of up to 50 grayscale levels
  • Extremely adjustable; comes with a teach mode
  • Circular spot allows for flexible orientation
  • Works for a variety of other applications

Watch the CNTX contrast sensor in action in these overview videos.

UVX Luminescence Sensor

A high quality label sensor designed for detecting materials with luminescent tracers, the UVX luminescence sensor works with a variety of label types depending on the materials used in their design and production. It will work with opaque labels as long as the ink or an optical brightener is present. The sensor emits a beam of ultraviolet light that causes luminescent materials to fluoresce, or glow, allowing the sensor to register the reaction and verify the presence of the label.

Other advantages of the UVX luminescence sensor:

  • High-speed 10 kHz switching speed
  • Flexible ranges from 20mm up to 600mm
  • Numerical display helps you determine intensity
  • Features auto-teach and manual calibration options
  • High resolution for pinhead-size detection needs
  • Durable construction for industrial environments
  • Costs vastly less than machine vision systems
  • Works in a variety of other applications

Request a copy of our in-depth UV sensor application handbook.

ColorMax Color Sensor

The ColorMax color sensor excels in applications where different label types will be present on the line and need to be identified and sorted from one another. With high quality label sensor options for both opaque and transparent targets, the ColorMax line will verify the presence of your labels based on the color parameters you set — allowing a downstream process to sort products accordingly while simultaneously confirming the accuracy of your processes.

Other advantages of the ColorMax color sensor:

  • Rapid 20 kHz switching frequency for fast lines
  • High-intensity white LED for color detection
  • Instantly see up to 15 colors and RGB intensity
  • White balance adjustment feature for adjusting readings
  • Comes with PC-based configuration software
  • Flexible operating ranges from 30mm to 150mm 
  • Works in a variety of other applications

Get technical: Request a free copy of our color sensing technical brief. 

We’ll Help You Identify the Right High Quality Label Sensor

EMX Industries has been proudly designing, manufacturing, and servicing a full portfolio of sensor products made right here in Cleveland, Ohio for decades. Whatever configuration of bottles and labels you’re using in your production environment, our expert team will help you put the right high quality label sensor to work for long-term success. 

We’ll even conduct a free test on your material before you purchase. Simply contact us to let us know what kind of labels you’re looking to detect, and we’ll conduct tests to find the best-performing option. You’ll receive a detailed report with images and recommendations on the right high quality label sensor to purchase.

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