How the UVX Solved a Glue Dispensing Challenge

At EMX Industries, our industrial sensors are used in countless industries and applications around the world. In particular, our UVX line of luminescence sensors is used to verify the presence of ultraviolet (UV) markings and materials that respond to UV light in-line in a variety of manufacturing processes.

When a leading supplier of glue application and detection systems needed to verify the placement of glue on various packaging materials in a high-speed environment (specifically on package seams, which are necessary for overall package integrity), they turned to EMX and our UVX line of luminescence sensors to:

  • Improve quality and throughput
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Minimize production downtime

How the UVX Sensor Excelled in This Application

Many types of adhesives contain luminescent tracers that cause them to emit visible light when illuminated with a UV light source. To help this company with their glue dispensing and detection needs, EMX Industries provided the UVX-300G-C — a high-speed, high-sensitivity luminescence sensor that’s perfectly suited to adhesive applications.

Since the UVX-300G-C sensor detects only luminescent materials, it will not respond to changes in the background of the material, such as printing. The UVX-300G-C with its 50 mm accessory lens provides a 1.5 mm light spot for high spatial resolution — allowing dot patterns to be recognized. The sensor provides a discrete output to indicate the presence of the glue and is easily integrated into automated systems so it can be put to work right away. The output automatically configures for NPN or PNP operation.

glue dispensing - UVX-300G-CThe photo to the right shows the UVX-300G-C sensor. The sensor features a two-digit display indicating the signal level measured. A modulated, 370 nm UV light source prevents the sensor from being affected by ambient light. Calibration and light source intensity adjustments are provided to allow the sensor to operate efficiently over a wide range of luminescent materials and distances. A remote lock feature prevents unauthorized changes to the sensor settings.

The comparison photo below shows the UVX-300G-C sensor viewing a typical folding carton side seam with and without the glue present. The display shows the signal level from the luminescent tracers in the glue, and the red LED indicates that the signal is above the threshold setting. The fast response of the UVX-300G-C provides a sampling rate >3000/second, making it ideal for high-speed packaging applications. The UVX-300G-C provides the reliability necessary to ensure that the glue is applied properly to each and every product.

glue dispensing - comparison

Ready to put this sensor to work for your business? Tell us your application challenge, and we’ll conduct a complimentary test to tell you how the UVX will perform.

UVX: A Sensing Solution You’ll Want to Stick Around

While the UVX-300G-C was put to work here for a glue dispensing application, the flexibility of the line and its cost-effectiveness compared to other solutions make it the ideal choice for a variety of additional applications such as grease, spray adhesives, various types of coatings, and other UV-luminescent materials. EMX Industries offers a full range of UVX sensors with varying spot sizes, spectral sensitivities, operating ranges, and more. 

Examples of how the UVX line of luminescence sensors have been put to work include detecting glue on golf club shafts, verifying the presence of grease on bearings as they come down the production line for quality control, and ensuring that the coating on the outside shell of golf balls has been applied. Whatever the application may be, the UVX series can be custom-tailored to the detection need through an easy-to-manipulate spot size, detection size, and more.

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