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Luminescence Sensors

  • High-speed, 10kHz switching
  • Numeral display (on most models)
  • Calibration option
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UVX Series Overview

The UVX series of luminescence sensors are used to verify the presence of UV markings and materials during high-speed production. The UVX series confirms manufacturing processes more reliably than vision systems that cost ten times more.

Why Choose a UV Sensor?

These powerful sensors enable manufacturers to improve their productivity and bottom lines by automating numerous verification and detection tasks with extreme accuracy and speed. 

Whether the goal is to upgrade a manual verification process or guarantee product quality, UV sensors are the solution in today’s fast-paced production environments. Discover what UV sensors can do for you.

Luminescence Sensor Applications:

  • Packaging – labels, UV inks (visible and non-visible)
  • Paper/films – optical brightness
  • Textile – luminescent threads
  • Wood processing – oils, paints, grease
  • Automotive assembly and medical equipment – Glues, gums, adhesives

Read our application notes on how UV sensors can improve efficiency in your industry.

Sensor Handbook

This FREE handbook…

  • explains how UV luminescence sensors work
  • gives guidance on how to choose the right type of UV sensor for your application
  • provides a series of examples of how they are used
  • includes a listing of suppliers of UV luminescent materials that can be used to make products detectable by a UV sensor

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Features of the UVX Series Luminescence Sensors

  • The unique numerical display on the UVX series lets you see the intensity of each reading. Now it’s easy to refine processes and hysteresis.
  • It features 3 to 6 times the range of any competing luminescence sensor. The UVX luminescence sensor won’t get bumped or dirtied by target.
  • The UVX series is the only luminescence detector with both auto-teach and manual calibration. Easy for low-skill operators, but able to be finely tuned.
  • It also features adjustable UV light projection and high resolution allow pin-head size detection.
  • Our UVX series luminescence sensor allows for fast and convenient integration. In one luminescence detector, you get both analog and discrete output, auto-detect for PNP/NPN.
  • The UVX series is the smallest and fastest luminescence sensor on the market.
Model Number Display Range Sensitivity Gain Selections Spectral Sensitivity Operating Range Discrete Output
UVX-30-TP NA Standard 1X-10X 400-700nm 28mm PNP/NPN
UVX-50-T NA Standard 1X-10X 400-700nm 28mm PNP/NPN
UVX-100 0-50 Standard 1X-10X 400-700nm 20-100mm PNP/NPN
UVX-300 0-50 High 1X-10X 400-700nm 20-350mm PNP/NPN
UVX-300G 0-99 High 1X-5X 400-700nm 20-350mm PNP/NPN
UVX-300G-C 0-99 High Adjustable 400-700nm 20-350mm PNP/NPN
UVX-600G-C 0-99 Highest Adjustable 400-700nm 50-600mm PNP/NPN
UVX-300G-FGC 0-99 High Adjustable 500-700nm 20-350mm PNP/NPN

1. The operating range is affected by the level of luminescence in the target material
2. UVX-300L50 accessory lens focuses the light spot to 2mm dia. at 30mm sensor-to-target distance. It cannot be used with the UVX-50-T, UVX-300G-REM, and UVX-600G-C.

50mm focal lens

Black powder coated steel bracket

Cable 5P, 5M, M12, F

Spec Sheets

UVX-300G-C / UVX-300G-FGC


UVX-300G-C / UVX-300G-FGC

Support Documents

Luminescence Sensor Selection Guide
Request UV Sensor Application Handbook