At EMX, we strive to solve the real problems our customers face so you can enjoy enhanced operations with our tailored, technical solutions. Our skilled team is always ready to help you troubleshoot your unique challenges and pair you with quality, cost-effective industrial equipment that integrates into your application with ease. Recently, a customer reached out seeking a high-speed, high-accuracy solution to ensure tape was properly applied and prevent safety concerns and product loss. Read on to learn more about this complex challenge and why our tape sensors were right for the job.

The Problem

This customer manufactured welders, and when the product was packed into boxes, they weighed between 50-150 pounds. After boxing the shipments, the customer sends them through a 3M tape machine to seal them before using a vacuum lift and loading them. However, this customer’s team found that some boxes weren’t being taped shut and welders were falling out of the bottom of boxes as they were lifted.

With the weight of the boxes, even one untaped box can become a serious safety hazard. In addition to the risk of danger that untaped boxes pose, they can also lead to product loss and a stalled production process. Workers must step away from their tasks to clean up a mess that could’ve been avoided with a different system, and damaged welders were forced to be disposed of. 

This customer faced us seeking a better system to address a challenge faced in many industries: verifying the presence of tape on boxes to avoid product loss and safety hazards. 

Solution: Tape Sensors

Tape sensors detect the presence of tape on an object by measuring the contrast present. When light is shined onto a target area where the tape should be, the reflective nature of glossy, clear tape is detected by the sensors as compared to the dull matte nature of the cardboard. The sensors detect the glossy flashback from the tape to ensure it’s been applied, better protecting both your products and the team engaging with them.

At EMX, we offer a wide range of industrial sensors, and two that are ideal for this application are the BriteX 100 and CNTX tape sensors. Each offers the high-speed, high-accuracy performance that production lines demand so you can trust the equipment to keep up with your operations. Their advanced automation empowers users with greater speed and accuracy to ensure tasks like tape detection don’t have to be completed manually, which naturally comes with greater risk due to human error. 

Tape sensors like these are cost-effective and offer a superior ROI because they seamlessly eliminate the risk of product loss and safety concerns. 

Choosing the Right Tape Sensor for Your Needs

Ready to test out a tape sensor to enhance your operations, but not sure which is better for your needs? Let’s evaluate the differences between the two:

CNTX Contrast Sensor

Also known as a Registration Mark Sensor, the CNTX achieves high-speed contrast differentiation of both neutral and color targets for sizes as small as 3mm. Its broad-spectrum LED light source, durable plastic case, and strong polycarbonate lens make it an ideal match for industrial environments. With a unique numerical display to indicate measurements and an easy-to-use operator adjustable threshold, it’s simple to set up and tailor to your needs. 

Out of the pair, the CNTX is more cost-effective, and it works best with standard brown cardboard boxes and clear tape. White boxes or those with graphics are more finicky with this equipment, which can make the set-up more complex. It’s also less manually adjustable than its counterpart and must be set up closer to your target area in order to ensure optimal readings. 

If your top priorities include a high-speed machine that works with brown boxes and clear tapes and provides cost savings without compromising quality, consider the CNTX for your tape sensor needs.

See the CNTX in Action: Watch our YouTube video to see how well the equipment works in detecting clear tape.

BriteX Brightness Sensor

This advanced sensor measures relative brightness and can be used to detect whether the glare of glossy clear tape is present in a target area. The BriteX goes beyond the competition with a range several times larger than the standard and adjustable sensitivity capabilities that provide users with greater control and customization. Its 2-digit display indicates the signal strength of the measurement, streamlining set-up and enabling it to integrate within your operations more easily. With its maximum accuracy and precision, you can count on this equipment to keep up with your production line needs.

Compared to the CNTX, the BriteX can work from further away and is more adjustable, offering greater flexibility. It also functions flawlessly with a wider variety of boxes, such as white boxes or those with graphics. 

If your applications require larger space between the target area and the sensor, or you deal with multiple box types that differ from brown boxes alone, turn to the BriteX to empower your operations with better, faster tape detection.

Contact EMX for Tape Sensors to Solve Your Unique Challenges 

When you’re ready to eliminate unnecessary manual labor and enhance the safety of your operations for your team and products, turn to EMX for help. Our innovative technical solutions are designed to deliver the highest speed and accuracy on the line while addressing your unique challenges with cost-effective solutions. Our tape sensors offer key automated support to detect the presence of tape on your boxes and reduce the risk of product loss or safety hazards. When you partner with our team, we’ll help you discover the ideal tape sensor solution for your application based on your needs and budget. 

Ready to enhance your operations with our tape sensors? Contact our team today or reach out to get a complimentary sample test so you can see how our sensors will work for your unique application.