Level Up Quality and Traceability with Luminescence Detection for Wood Grade Marks

At EMX, we’re dedicated to solving the unique challenges of our customers with quality industrial equipment that integrates into your operations with ease. We encourage you to reach out and share what you’re experiencing on the line so we can pair you with the best products to suit your needs in a cost-effective and reliable manner. Recently, a customer from the lumber industry reached out seeking a solution for better, faster wood grade detection to improve quality control and traceability. Read on to explore their challenges and why our UVX series for luminescence detection was the ideal solution. 

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The Problem

In lumber mills, wood is stamped with a unique ID that denotes the mill number, wood type, and other vital information like the source information and moisture content. The stamps can later play a role in how the wood is used and help users evaluate whether a specific piece of wood is right for their application. These marks must be on every single piece of wood, but sometimes, lumber pieces can fall through the cracks and not be marked. 

For mills, this can result in quality issues that frustrate customers and reduce the likelihood they’ll purchase from the mill again. Worse, lumber that isn’t marked can cause buildings to not meet codes and fail their inspections. Lumber stamps are necessary for quality and traceability, and mills must develop a system to ensure every piece of wood is marked and no unfinished products are sent out. 

Some mills attempt this process manually, a laborious process made error-prone due to human nature. This time-consuming system leaves many lumber mills, including the customer who reached out, seeking better options.

The Solution: Luminescence Detection with the UVX

The UVX is a luminescence detection system that offers swift, reliable detection of UV luminescent materials. For lumber mills, this cost-effective equipment seamlessly integrates into existing operations and requires only a shift to UV ink to create a quicker, more reliable system for ensuring wood stamps are present. 

The UVX employs field-proven technology that enables lumber mills and other manufacturers to improve productivity and boost your bottom line with necessary automation. It increases efficiency and reduces errors by eliminating the need for manual wood grade mark detection. If you require a sensor that operates with extreme accuracy and speed within fast-paced production environments, look no further than this advanced solution. 

Some of its features include:

  • 3 to 6 times the operating range of any competing luminescence sensor on the market
  • Offers both auto-teach and manual calibration, perfect for low-skill operators or for users who require a finely tuned system
  • Adjustable UV light and high resolution to enable pin-head size detection
  • A discrete and analog output in one detector, with auto-detect for PNP/NPN
  • Unique numerical display providing the intensity of each reading for easier process refinement
  • Robust construction ready for industrial environments, including a metal alloy case and glass lens

When paired with UV ink, this powerhouse luminescence sensor empowers lumber mills and other industries with the speed, accuracy, and reliability needed for optimal operations every time.

Advantages of the UVX Luminescence Detection System

Low Cost, High ROI

This quick luminescence detection solution is significantly more cost-effective than the competition — it confirms manufacturing processes more reliably than vision systems that cost ten times more. These cost savings pair with the return on investment our customers see when they improve their productivity, free up their workers from unnecessary manual labor, and raise the quality of their lumber. 

High Speed, High Accuracy

The best solution for lumber mills and other fast-paced manufacturing environments are those that don’t slow down production. The UVX series is the smallest, fastest luminescence sensor on the market. This luminescence detection solution is always up for the challenge and ready to deliver swift, accurate readings that keep your operations running. 

Tailored to Your Needs

The UVX series offers expansive capabilities so you can tailor your solution to your specific needs and requirements. Whether you’re a new user or low-skill operator who wants the ease its auto-teach functions provide, or you have highly precise needs that require manual calibration for fine-tuning, this system is ready to serve you. We also offer a wide range of models with carrying operating ranges to ensure you find the best fit.

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Additional Applications

Though the UVX is a vital tool for lumber mills wanting a more efficient and effective method for wood grade detection, this luminescence detection system and its advanced capabilities make it a powerful product for many applications. For lumber mills, workers can mark knots and imperfections with UV ink to be detected by the system and rejected or removed down the line. This enables higher-quality production with less manual labor.

 Beyond lumber mills, some additional industries the UVX series serve include:

  • Packaging 
  • Paper/Films
  • Textiles
  • Automotive Assembly
  • Metal Equipment
  • And more

This versatile equipment improves operations across industries and enables a more accurate, efficient production process for all. 

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