At EMX, we consider ourselves expert problem solvers, and we develop innovative technological solutions to make your business operations more efficient and accurate. Recently, a customer reached out with a unique problem: he needed a way to detect the flow rate and presence of glue within his timber production line. Read on to explore what we recommended to him for innovative, efficient glue detection and how our UVX Luminescence Sensor could help him.

The Problem

A recent potential customer reached out with a unique problem for us to solve: he had a timber production line with a glue line section and needed a unique sensor to detect the presence and non-presence of glue. The specific glue his production required was a polyurethane adhesive with a UV additive for luminescence. Additionally, he needed the sensor to detect the glue flow rate in mL. 

The Solution

Innovative Glue Detection: UVX Luminescence Sensor

The UVX luminescence sensor is a powerful piece of equipment that efficiently detects the presence of UV luminescent materials like greases, UV inks, optical brighteners, and adhesives. Ideal for use in on-the-line industrial applications, this high-speed sensor has strong sensitivity and fast response rate, enabling users to get the data they need easily and efficiently. For fast-paced production lines, manufacturing technology built for automation and productivity boosts accuracy and speed — eliminating the need to detect or verify materials manually where the risk of human error is higher. 

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The UVX sensor is the smallest, fastest luminescence sensor on the market, beating out competitors with three to six times their operating range and capabilities. Designed to suit entry-level and expert applications, the UVX series is the only luminescence detector offering both auto-teach and manual calibration. Fine-tune your machine’s calibration as needed to best suit your unique operations. Other advantageous features that empower your production line for automation include:

  • Fast, Convenient Integration — The UVX series luminescence sensor provides both analog and discrete output, and is capable of auto-detecting for PNP/NPN. 
  • Adjustable UV Light Projection — Adjust the light projection as needed to allow for an accurate reading through the smallest size detection. 
  • Advanced Numerical Display — The UVX is built with a bright numerical display that enables you to quickly identify the intensity of each sample so you can monitor processes on the line with the data you need, right when you need it.
  • Higher Performance, Lower Price — The UVX beats its competitors in performance and cost. Enjoy more advanced technology with better capabilities for a lower price.

Go Further for Your Glue Detection Needs with UVX 

This machinery is well-equipped to serve the customer’s needs, which are two-fold: detect the presence of glue, then measure the flow rate of the adhesive in mL. The customer’s timberline production used a luminescent polyurethane adhesive, an ideal material for the UVX sensor to detect with ease. Should any customer want to confirm compatibility before purchasing, we offer complimentary sample testing so you can feel confident that our sensors will work for your unique materials. 

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The UVX luminescence sensor is not capable of detecting the flow rate of adhesive on its own. Detecting a glue’s presence and then measuring its flow rate is a multi-step process that will require multiple pieces of equipment. However, our innovative product is built to serve your needs and can play a critical role in the solutions you develop for measuring the flow rate of the glue. The UVX serves as a cost-effective but high-speed, high-accuracy base for your glue detection and flow rate measurement system, and the UVX will deliver accurate results precisely to your specifications every time.

Go further for your glue detection needs when you choose UVX. This innovative equipment functions flawlessly on its own, or you can pair it with other equipment to build out a multi-step process that empowers your production line with the data you need right when you need it.

Get Started and Empower Your Production Processes with the UVX Luminescence Sensor

The UVX Luminescence Sensor is built to accommodate your unique operational processes and applications. Whether you need a finely-tuned luminescence sensor specialized for high-resolution captures and discrete output, or you can operate with ease using the auto-teach feature and minimal refining, the UVX can be programmed and implemented according to your precise requirements. 

The UVX is designed to be plug-and-play. Get started swiftly with the equipment’s simplified set-up and streamlined integration with other applications and accessories. Some accessories you may consider pairing your equipment with include:

When you need a high-quality, cost-effective luminescence sensor for more accurate and efficient glue detection, choose UVX. To learn how our equipment will serve your unique production needs, reach out to get a complimentary sample today.

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