The ColorMax VIEW is an innovative translucent color sensor device that quickly and reliably verifies the color of translucent glass, plastic containers, and films. This field-proven, patented technology delivers high-speed, accurate measurements to provide instant, in-line verification that your translucent products adhere to the color specifications you set. 

Using ColorMax VIEW easily enables you to match the color of your items based on controls you set for aesthetics and uniformity, and to ensure sensitive products remain safe from light effects. From pharmaceutical containers to food packaging and beverage bottles to personal care products and much more, our innovative technology ensures you can easily match the color of your unique translucent packaging in real time.

Unlike some competitors, the light source for the ColorMax VIEW is external. The equipment operates by transmitting light through the target itself rather than simply receiving the reflection of its light. The light goes from the sensor through the target and to the receiver on the other side. This process is swift and accurate, allowing for easy in-line usage so you can operate with the color data you need to make real-time decisions about your products. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits ColorMax VIEW offers and explore a real use case example for how to maximize what this product offers while minimizing your costs.

Key Benefits 

The ColorMax VIEW offers a wide array of key benefits, making it a top choice among our customers. A few vital features include:

  • Versatile, Flexible Integration: The sensor is unaffected by ambient light so it can be used in any environment. This versatility enables you to maintain smooth operations no matter your environment. Its thru-beam design means you can install it virtually anywhere. 
  • High-Speed: This swift system runs at a sensor speed of 20 kHz to meet your needs in less than half a second. Our high-speed capabilities allow you to move without delay and verify the color of your products precisely when you need to. 
  • 4 Color Matching Channels: This innovative device enables you to program up to four different colors and trigger a unique output response for each. With the ColorMax VIEW, you can tailor the technology to fit your unique demands, whether you need to quickly verify one color, or up to four.
  • 3 RGB Outputs: Multiple RGB outputs provide the real-time color data critical for making on-the-line choices. Use this function precisely as your requirements demand and analyze the data to make informed decisions in the moments you most need to. 
  • Simplified Computer Connection: With our accessible I/O box accessory, it’s simple and intuitive to connect your device to a computer. 
  • Cost-Effective: If you’re programming multiple sensors, you only need one ColorMax kit and can purchase the individual sensors separately to use with the kit’s I/O box and tools.

Explore a Real Use Case: HDPE Bottle Detection

For every client, we strive to showcase the value of our technology before you purchase it and invite you to send us samples to test. One recent client sent a trio of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles in three unique blue shades. One example was their target shade, one had too much pigment, and one had too little. They wanted to clarify whether the bottles fell within their tolerance range. 

The ColorMax VIEW is the ideal application for this test due to the HDPE bottle’s luminous nature and using this equipment, we were able to verify to the client where each bottle fell within their specified tolerance range. 

EMX is Here to Serve your Color Sensor Device Needs

At EMX, we’re committed to delivering innovative sensors that reliably provide the data you need exactly when you need it. Our high-quality ColorMax sensors are built to last and give fast, accurate in-line measures. If you need a color sensor device to verify the shades of opaque targets, explore our original ColorMax equipment. Capable of detecting up to 15 colors at the instant speeds you need to make real-time choices, this machine is ideal for opaque targets. 

If your targets are transparent or luminous, like shiny bottles, medicine containers, or food packaging, explore our ColorMax VIEW instead. This reliable translucent color sensor solution seamlessly handles a wide range of materials and delivers swift, accurate results every time. Connect it to a computer with ease when you need to and program up to 4 unique colors for instant detection. When you need a cost-effective, fast translucent color sensor device that doesn’t sacrifice accuracy and quality for speed, choose the ColorMax VIEW.

If you want to see how this equipment will serve your unique needs, reach out to get a complimentary sample test today.