ColorMax Transparent Color Sensor

ColorMax Transparent Color Sensor

  • Color and color + luminosity detection
  • High intensity white LED
  • 20 kHz switching frequency
  • Up to 500mm operating range
  • USB and RS232 interface


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ColorMax VIEW™ Overview

Translucent Color Sensor

Verify the color of translucent glass, plastic containers, and films with in-line, high-speed, accurate, and reliable measurements. The ColorMax VIEW™ translucent color sensor combines our field-proven, patented technology with innovative hardware to provide an easy-to-use system for measuring color in a wide variety of applications. Many products require tight control of color for aesthetics, product uniformity, and often to protect them from the damaging effects of light. Establishing pass/fail criteria for the color characteristics of various translucent packaging materials and providing inline verification eliminates defects and allows real-time quality control of these processes. The ColorMax VIEW system provides a reliable solution, allowing each and every item to be verified to meet its color requirement.

Translucent Color Sensor Application:

  • Translucent packaging
  • Pharmaceutical containers
  • Food packaging
  • Personal care products
  • Glass containers
  • Plastic bottles
  • Translucent films


Easy White Balance Adjustment

The white balance adjustment feature of the ColorMax VIEW™ translucent color sensor allows the entry of correction factors applied to the red, green and blue color measurements effectively providing a means of adjusting the sensor readings. This new functionality is useful when multiple sensors are used and setting them for specific RGB readings on a known target is needed.

Dedicated Software

The ColorMax Application Program provides a comprehensive approach to sensor set-up, color channel management, and real-time sample analysis display. Low color variation of 0.5% and a 20kHz switching frequency are the best specs in the industry, providing the performance required by demanding applications. The metal alloy case and glass lens provide robust construction expected in an industrial environment.

Free Application Handbook:

In this FREE guide, learn more about:

  • 100% on-line verification
  • Reducing production costs
  • Color checks for translucent containers
  • Quality & color measurements for films
  • HDPE & PET opacity measurements
  • Request a handbook!


For opaque color detection, see our ColorMax-1000 sensor.


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Features of Our Translucent Color Sensor

  • Pass/fail criteria for color characteristics of translucent packaging materials to eliminate defects
  • White Balance Adjustment software provides a graphic user interface that simplifies the calculation of the correction factors and the process of transmitting them to the sensor
  • On-line measurement allows real-time quality control
  • Modulated, wide spectrum white LED light source
  • Software control enables comprehensive control of sensor settings
  • Serial data output allows external systems to measure color and optimize the concentration of colorant, improving efficiency and reducing cost
  • Three analog output channels (red, green and blue) for external level monitoring
  • Adjustable brackets provide quick set-up and integration
  • Laser position sensor indicates container positioned for measurement
  • Rugged construction and exclusive M30 housing
Model Number ColorMax VIEW
Color Channels 2
RGB Analog Outputs yes
Serial Data Output yes
Operating Range 50-500mm
Discrete Output PNP/NPN

Spec Sheet
White Balance Adjustment
Request Opacity and Color Application Handbook

ColorMax Software