ColorMax View

ColorMax VIEW

  • Color and color + luminosity detection
  • High intensity white LED
  • 20 kHz switching frequency
  • Up to 500mm operating range
  • USB and RS232 interface
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About the ColorMax VIEW™

Combining proven color sensor technology with innovative hardware and software, the ColorMax VIEW™ translucent color sensor was specifically developed for high-speed, on-line color verification of translucent glass, plastic containers and films.

Industries that could greatly benefit from this unit include:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverage
  • Personal care

The white balance adjustment feature of the ColorMax VIEW™ translucent color sensor allows the entry of correction factors applied to the red, green and blue color measurements effectively providing a means of adjusting the sensor readings. This new functionality is useful when multiple sensors are used and setting them for specific RGB readings on a known target is needed.

For opaque color detection, see our ColorMax-1000 sensor.

Application Handbook:

In this FREE guide, learn more about:

  • 100% on-line verification
  • Reducing production costs
  • Color checks for translucent containers
  • Quality & color measurements for films
  • HDPE & PET opacity measurements

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Features of Our Translucent Color Sensor

  • Pass/fail criteria for color characteristics of translucent packaging materials to eliminate defects
  • White Balance Adjustment software provides a graphic user interface that simplifies the calculation of the correction factors and the process of transmitting them to the sensor
  • On-line measurement allows real-time quality control
  • Modulated, wide spectrum white LED light source
  • Software control enables comprehensive control of sensor settings
  • Serial data output allows external systems to measure color and optimize the concentration of colorant, improving efficiency and reducing cost
  • Three analog output channels (red, green and blue) for external level monitoring
  • Adjustable brackets provide quick set-up and integration
  • Laser position sensor indicates container positioned for measurement
  • Rugged construction and exclusive M30 housing
Model Number Color Channels RGB Analog Outputs Serial Data
Operating Range
Discrete Outputs
ColorMax VIEW 2 yes yes 50-500 PNP/NPN


Laser position sensor

Accessory kit
Mounting bracket, jam nuts (two), interface cable assembly, 12 VDC power supply, application software, I/O board with status indicators

Aluminum mounting bracket


ColorMax Software

Spec Sheets

Spec Sheet
White Balance Adjustment
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