Contrast Sensors

  • Broad spectrum white LED
  • High-speed, 40kHz switching
  • Teach function
  • Numeral display (on some models)
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CNTX Product Overview

The CNTX Contrast Sensor (also known as a Registration Mark Sensor) combines the small spot size of 3mm (0.4mm spot size also available) and fast response times to achieve high-speed contrast differentiation of both neutral and color targets.

The contrast sensor provides a numerical display of 50 grayscale levels. The broad-spectrum light source allows accurate detection of a wide range of colors against any background. The flexibility of the CNTX contrast sensor makes it easy to set up in a wide variety of printing, packaging and converting applications.

The CNTX-30-T Contrast Sensor provides simple, two-button teach with mark and background keys.

Contrast Sensor Applications:

  • Detect registration marks
  • Confirm presence of date codes
  • Detect glossy surfaces
  • Sort products by color
  • Detect cap inserts

Read our application note how contrast sensors detect transparent objects.

Features Within Our Contrast Sensors

  • High color contrast sensitivity and resolution
  • High detection speed, 25-microsecond discrete output response
  • Broad-spectrum white LED light source allows detection of all colors
  • Calibration feature and three light source intensity settings allow a wide range of adjustment capability
  • Easy-to-use operator adjustable threshold
  • Fast and convenient integration (In one sensor you get both analog and discrete output, auto-detect for PNP/NPN configuration)
  • Unique numerical display indicates measured levels making process setup easy
  • Circular spot allows for any orientation of sensor to mark
Model Number Spot Size Display Range Sensitivity Gain Selections Spectral Sensitivity Operating Range Discrete Output
CNTX-30-TP 3mm NA Standard Auto Teach 400-700nm 28mm PNP/NPN
CNTX-30-TP-2M 3mm NA Standard Auto Teach 400-700nm 28mm PNP/NPN
CNTX-35-TP 1mm NA Standard Auto Teach 400-700nm 28mm PNP/NPN
CNTX-30-T 3mm NA Standard Auto Teach 400-700nm 28mm PNP/NPN
CNTX-30-0 3mm 0-50 Standard 1X-10X 400-700nm 28mm PNP/NPN
CNTX-05-0 0.5mm 0-50 Standard 1X-10X 400-700nm 28mm PNP/NPN

Black powder coated steel bracket

Cable 5P, 5M, M12, F

Spec Sheets

CNTX-30-0 / CNTX-05-0

Support Document

Contrast Sensor Selection Guide