CMYX Color Mark Sensor

CMYX Color Mark Sensor

  • High-speed, 40kHz switching
  • Broad spectrum white LED
  • Numeral display
  • Cable included


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CMYX Color Mark Sensor Overview

Increase process throughput with high-speed, accurate, and reliable color mark detection. The CMYX™ color mark sensor (Contrast Sensor also available) employs our field-proven, patented technology, combining a broad-spectrum light source, small spot size, and fast response to achieve highspeed mark detection capable of detecting standard one-track PHARMA-CODE (0.5mm thin bar width) at 2000ft/min. The metal alloy case and glass lens provide robust construction expected in an industrial environment.

Our CMYX Sensor is perfect for printing or packaging applications that require the ability to differentiate between background and color marks during high-speed operation. This sensor provides accuracy and precision for reliable process control.

Color Mark Sensor Applications:

  • Color verification
  • Registration mark detection
  • Printing processes
  • Pharma code, small part detection

Whether you need to verify color mark presence or measure the position of the print-to-cut triangle, the CMYX provides the accuracy and precision for reliable process control. The CMYX features a 2-digit display that provides an indication of signal strength making set-up and integration quick and easy. The versatile sensor provides user set-up parameters including light source intensity adjustment, detection threshold, and gain selection making the CMYX useful in a wide range of applications. The CMYX includes a discrete PNP/NPN output that is automatically set for PNP or NPN operation.


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Features Within the CMYX Sensor

  • High color contrast sensitivity and resolution
  • High detection speed, 25-microsecond discrete output response
  • Broad-spectrum white LED light source allows detection of all colors
  • Calibration feature allows manual user sensitivity adjustment
  • Unique numerical display indicates measured levels making process setup easy
  • Circular spot allows for any orientation of sensor to marks
Model Number CMYX
Spot Size 0.5mm
Display Range 0-99
Sensitivity High
Gain Selections Adjustable
Spectral Sensitivity 400-700nm
Operating Range 28mm
Discrete Output PNP/NPN

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