LEX-1000 RGB Light Sensor

  • High sensitivity and high resolution
  • PC-based configuration software
  • USB/RS232 interface
  • Analog outputs (RGB)
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LEX-1000 Product Overview

The LEX-1000 RGB Light Sensor measures the relative color characteristics of a wide variety of light sources and illuminated objects.

The LEX-1000 analyzes light for its constituent RGB (red, green, blue) values. If the readings of all of the three colors fall within the pre-programmed parameters, the sensor issues a discrete signal that indicates a color match.

For light measurement, see our LEX-100 RGB Light Sensor.

Color Light Measurement Sensor Applications:

  • Evaluation of all visible light sources
  • Comparative light measurement
  • Relative color measurement
  • LCD and LED display quality
  • Automotive lighting verification

Color Light Measurement Sensor Features

  • High resolution
  • Four programmable color recognition channels
  • High-speed discrete outputs provide standard interface to factory automation systems
  • RGB analog outputs
  • Serial communications via RS232 or USB
  • Easy set up with PC-based configuration software
  • Lock out operator from changing settings
  • Exclusive M30 housing provides robust construction for industrial environments
Model Number Color Channels RGB Analog Outputs Serial Data
Operating Range Discrete Outputs
LEX-1000 4 yes yes 50-600mm PNP/NPN

Accessory kit
Mounting bracket, jam nuts (two), interface cable assembly, 12 VDC power supply, application software, I/O board with status indicators

Spec Sheet