phosphorescence sensor

UVX Phosphorescence Sensor

  • High-speed
  • Numeral display
  • Calibration option
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An Overview of Our Phosphorescence Sensor

The UVX Phosphorescence Sensor within our UVX Series reliably detects the presence of phosphorescent materials and pigments that are difficult to measure with traditional sensors.

This specialized sensor is able to effectively quantify light output of phosphorescent additives used in paints, adhesives, films, security inks and plastics.

With its fast response, PNP/NPN output and analog output, the UVX Phosphorescence Sensor provides a versatile interface to high-speed automation processes.


  • Phosphorescent materials
  • Red pigments
  • Invisible ink
  • Specialty medical adhesive

Features Within the Phosphorescence Sensors

  • Digital display of phosphorescence level simplifies set-up
  • High-resolution analog output allows monitoring of sample by external system
  • Auto-teach and manual adjustment – easy for low-skill operators, but able to be finely tuned
  • High detection speed with 100 microsecond discrete output response
  • Metal alloy housing and glass lens for industrial applications
Model Number Display Range Sensitivity Gain Selections Spectral Sensitivity Operating Range Discrete Output
UVX-300P 0-99 Special Adjustable 400-700nm 20-350mm PNP/NPN
UVX-300P-FG 0-99 Special Adjustable 500-700nm 20-350mm PNP/NPN

1. The operating range is affected by the level of phosphorescence in the target material.
2. UVX-300P-FG with suppression of blue emission common with OB (optical brighteners) in paper.

50mm focal lens

Black powder coated steel bracket

Cable 5P, 5M, M12, F

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