At EMX, we’re committed to developing innovative industrial solutions to address a wide range of challenges. Recognizing the inefficiency of manual particulate monitoring, we developed the PMX, an innovative sensor that automates your operations and allows for greater control throughout the ventilation process. Our advanced sensor empowers applications across many industries, from commercial restaurant ventilation hoods to use in greenhouses for better fume release control. 

Read on to learn more about how greenhouses can use the PMX to achieve better particulate monitoring and what key features the PMX offers that advance it beyond the competition. Then, explore other applications the PMX can empower and how you can tailor your particulate monitoring with the help of our expert team. 

Real Use Case: Greenhouse Particulate Monitoring

Greenhouses are pollutant-heavy environments, with an array of fumes and contaminants that must be properly controlled to ensure the safety of the plants they hold and the people that care for them. Over time, the pesticide fumes must be bled off using gradual ventilation. Properly ventilating greenhouses requires the use of advanced particulate monitoring technologies, and without automation, this process can be less swift, streamlined, and safe for those doing the manual work. 

The PMX offers an innovative automated solution, eliminating the need for manual particulate monitoring and ventilation. The PMX contains two key components: the transmitter and the receiver. It operates by measuring light transmission — beaming light from the transmitter to the receiver, then determining its reading by the number of particulates disrupting the light. With 99 levels of relative light transmission and high-resolution analog output, this particulate monitor offers advanced functionality and superior value. 

In a greenhouse, the PMX is placed near the exhaust fans, high enough in the space to provide the most accurate reading. It delivers swift and accurate results, empowering users to better control the particulate monitoring in their greenhouse and enable proper ventilation without manual effort. This promotes a safer working environment and can even help you achieve cost savings in energy expenses since you’re using a more efficient, automated system to determine your true ventilation demand. 

How the PMX Provides Better Particulate Monitoring 

The PMX particulate monitor offers superior monitoring of smoke and airborne particulates using proven sensor technology and advanced hardware to deliver long-lasting quality. A cost-effective solution, it delivers superior value and additional functionality than the competition at a more competitive price, allowing you to enjoy higher quality at a lower cost. Designed for industrial and commercial applications, the PMX delivers exceptional value to users with its unique features and cost-saving nature.

Greater Distance, Greater Speeds

With an operating range of up to 30 feet, the PMX is suitable for many environments, offering excellent functionality for spaces large and small. This high-sensitivity, high-speed particulate monitoring solution combines a swift detection speed with a 150-microsecond discrete output response, so you can trust you’ll always have your readings right when you need them.

Tailored to Your Needs

This innovative particulate monitoring system is available in two styles: circuit boards for OEM applications and NEMA 4X housings, which offer a window for light transmission measurement while protecting the components with enhanced durability. Choose between the standalone unit or integrating it into your existing systems to best address your unique needs. 

Streamlined Setup

Designed with ease of setup in mind, the PMX features a 2-digit display that enables users to quickly verify the signal strength during setup and integration. It features both a discrete PNP/NPN output and a 0-5V analog output for enhanced monitoring and more expansive control over the actions of your system.

Advanced Automation 

Level up your particulate monitoring by switching to an automated system. Automation reduces the risk of manual errors and enhances the safety of your operations. It also allows for greater control and management while freeing up your focus to dedicate where it matters most. 

Smarter Energy Savings 

The PMX allows you to control ventilation based on real data and ventilation demand rather than it being a static operation. This allows you to hold greater control over your operations and ensures you’re not wasting ventilation efforts if the amount of particulates in your environment doesn’t meet your given threshold. It also allows you to enjoy significant energy and cost savings. 

Alternative Applications the PMX Can Empower

The PMX is a strategic particulate monitoring asset for many applications, including:

From industrial to commercial applications, automated, accurate particulate monitoring is crucial across a range of industries. The PMX is a versatile tool well-suited for many environments and can help automate your operations, provide greater management and monitoring of particulate matter, and strengthen your bottom line.

Contact EMX for Smarter Particulate Monitoring with the PMX

When you’re ready to find your best particulate monitoring system, turn to our expert team for tailored solutions. We work directly with our customers to understand your challenges and ambitions, then we develop a custom plan to empower your operations. We’ll ensure your particulate monitoring needs are met with a cost-effective solution that beats the competition in value and performance. 

To learn more about the PMX and how you can integrate it into your environment, contact our team today.