OPAX-1000: Do More With Your Opacity Monitor

Verifying the opacity of your containers and materials within a production line requires a high-speed and highly reliable sensor designed to keep up with your operations and offer maximum precision. At EMX, we designed the OPAX-1000 opacity monitor to provide an easy-to-use system to measure light transmission for containers and materials used in the pharmaceutical, food, and personal care industries, among others. Our solution is known for its reliability and flexibility and is the go-to choice for opacity monitoring.

Typically, our customers use this opacity monitor on samples that are almost completely opaque. In one recent use, a customer wanted to measure a slightly transparent silicone membrane to ensure that it stayed within the right amount of tolerance. Because we designed this product to offer superior flexibility in the materials that can be measured, the OPAX-1000 offers a seamless solution for their needs.

Read on to learn more about this powerful sensor and how it helped a recent customer — and how it can empower your opacity monitoring needs, too. 

Exploring the OPAX-1000

This opacity monitor helps protect product integrity and ensures that you remain within proper levels of opacity and transparency using powerful verification technology. This proven technology helps our customers achieve optimal results in efficient timelines. It features a two-digit display that indicates the signal strength and allows you to establish pass/fail criteria for real-time quality control. 

It’s compatible with a wide range of materials, from high-density polyethylene to HDPE plastic, LDPE, and many others. With discrete output responses in mere microseconds, it offers high detection speeds capable of keeping up with your production needs. It’s also easy to calibrate and set up for swift use and offers a laser-mark position sensor that ensures your materials are properly positioned for correct measurement. 

This product was designed to deliver on-the-line and on-time results so you can ensure your product quality remains high and easily identify and remove any materials that don’t meet your opacity threshold. With 99 levels of relative opacity scale, it’s flexible enough to serve your needs every time. 

More Flexible Opacity Monitoring 

Though the OPAX-1000 is often used to measure almost completely opaque materials, one customer recently shared a sample that was slightly transparent when held up to the light. This distinction was no challenge for our opacity monitor because we designed it with enhanced flexibility to adapt to the demands of our customers.

We provide a compatible aperture to reduce the light output, which expands the range of materials that the sensor can work with. This unique innovation ensures that our technology is capable of reading more samples and that our customers can count on it to adjust to the type of materials they are working with. Once the aperture was utilized, this client received high-speed, accurate results that determined whether their material was in the proper opacity range. 

Whether you require our opacity monitor to ensure your pharmaceutical bottles are within the correct standards to keep the sensitive medication safe, or you’re using the monitor to verify that your semi-transparent membranes are still opaque enough, we’re here to help. Our advanced technology empowers you to achieve better results and on-the-line assessments that keep your bottom line protected and your products in their proper ranges. 

Contact EMX Today to Learn More 

When you need high-quality technology that truly addresses your opacity monitoring in a compact yet powerful piece of equipment, turn to our team and the OPAX-1000.

At EMX, we’re committed to producing high-quality industrial solutions to address the challenges that our customers face on the production line. We know how important it is to ensure that your materials meet designated opacity levels, and we have designed a swift and highly reliable piece of equipment to empower you with that information in real time. Our high-quality opacity monitor offers greater efficiency and accuracy and is flexible enough to operate with a wide variety of materials.

When you’re ready to level up your opacity monitoring with a trusted solution, turn to our team. We offer free complementary testing to ensure that our equipment will satisfy your precise requirements before your purchase. Contact us today to get started.