The LabelX delivers superior performance and functionality for high-speed label detection so you can ensure you know how many labels you’ve used and that they’ve been properly applied. With a small spot size, fast response, and visual teaching modes that streamline its setup, this sensor levels up label and splice detection so you can count on the proper use of labels in your production line. You can also eliminate unnecessary manual labor to free up your team for more complex tasks and trust this reliable label counter to ensure your labels are splice-free, applied appropriately, and present on every product. 

At EMX, we address the challenges of our customers with industry-leading sensors designed to handle high volumes of work with high-speed excellence. Our label counter offerings include the LBX-50 and LBX-100. Read on to learn more about what our equipment can do and how to choose the right solution for your needs. 

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Advanced Label Counter Capabilities 

Label sensors play a key role in label detection functions across a multitude of industries. From industrial processes to analysis of material films to pharmaceutical label tracking, accurate and high-speed label sensors are critical assets to many sectors. Three key capabilities include: 

Label Counting 

Know how many labels you’re using in the production line when you use our advanced label counter. Label counting is key to ensuring you are distributing your inventory appropriately, and with this label sensor, you can streamline the process while boosting its accuracy. Don’t worry about miscounting occurring from human error — use this smarter solution to keep track of the labels that you are using and detect them more efficiently.

Catch Double Stacking 

If a machine is improperly calibrated, labels may be double-stacked, overlapping with one another. This creates a challenge down the line and causes material waste, which reduces your inventory and harms your bottom line. Using a label sensor to detect double stacking ensures that you can catch problems with your equipment early and are using your labels as intended. It also ensures that none of your end users will have difficulty reading the information on your labels due to misapplication or double stacking.

Splice Detection 

Commonly, the middle of a label roll must be switched to finish a job. When this occurs, a splice may appear within one of your applied labels, which can result in missing information. If a spice is not caught early, it may lead to product waste or poor user experience. Count on a high-quality label sensor to catch any spices that occur and alert you promptly.

Finding the Right Label Sensor for Your Needs 


The LBX-50 was designed to detect standard and low-contrast labels with ease. It offers two teaching modes to set forth standard labels or low contrast labels, and a status LED to provide visual indications of teach and error conditions. High-speed capable and highly accurate, it has a discrete output that can be connected for NPN and PNP operation. 

It’s ideally suited for applications using only standard or low-contrast labels. 


This label sensor provides the same enhanced functionality as the more basic LBX-50 but was designed to work with transparent labels on transparent backgrounds. It provides higher sensitivity for nearly clear labels and also includes a custom teach mode that records a separate measurement on the gap and the label for optimal detection of more difficult labels. 

It boasts more flexibility and customization and is ideally suited for applications using transparent labels.

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At EMX, we are dedicated to delivering smarter sensor solutions to solve the everyday challenges of our customers. We constantly innovate and expand our offerings to stay on the leading edge of technological problem-solving, and our label sensor offerings reflect our commitment to excellence. Reliable and highly efficient, our label counters will keep up with your production line and help you avoid the risk of improperly applied labels, splices, or missing labels.

These sensors can be tailored to your precise needs, whether you require a standard label sensor capable of detecting only opaque labels, or if you need a more sensitive sensor designed to excel with transparent labels. No matter your needs or applications, we are here to help you find your ideal fit and leverage our innovative solutions to streamline your operations.

When you partner with our team for your industrial sensors, you can count on exceptionally engineered solutions and excellent customer service. Reach out today to learn more about our label counter offerings and find your best fit.