Monitoring particulates within the air is vital across many applications. From greenhouses, which have unique and complex environments that must be carefully maintained, to commercial kitchens that require levels to be maintained appropriately with vents, many spaces benefit from a quality particulate counter. At EMX, we’ve advanced our equipment to address particulate monitoring through rapid and reliable technology. 

Learn more about our PMX-100 particulate counter and how you can leverage it across three unique applications. 

Learn More About This Quality Particulate Counter

The PMX-100 particulate monitor offers a seamless experience to users with proven sensor technology and Innovative Hardware that equips this sensor to operate flawlessly within many applications. from industrial ventilation hoods to commercial kitchen ventilation applications and more this particular monitor offers advanced functionality and allows users to better monitor smoke and other airborne particulates as needed. Some of its core benefits include: 

Take Control

This particulate counter features an intuitive setup including a two-digit display to indicate signal strength and offers a discrete PNP / NPN output and 0-5V analog output that enables you to monitor it using an external system that logs variations and takes action, such as initiating exhaust fans at certain thresholds. This allows you to eliminate unnecessary manual labor and rely on an automated system to integrate with your particulate counter to further streamline the process.

Cost and Energy Savings

Without a particulate counter, you may be forced to run the exhaust nearly constantly, as it’s more difficult to understand how much ventilation you need and at what time. This can ramp up energy consumption and in turn, costs. Instead, choose the PMX to automate the system and adjust the speed of the ventilation based on the amount of particulates being generated. This ensures you will only expend energy based on live demand being captured by your system, helping to save valuable energy and money. 

Tailor Your System

This particulate counter is available in two distinct styles: circuit boards for OEM applications and NEMA 4X housings to protect components while using a high-quality window for light measurement. This allows you to determine whether your application better suits the housed system or if it should be integrated within your existing structures using the circuit boards. 

3 Applications for this Particulate Counter

Industrial Smokestack

The PMX is ideal for measuring the smoke presence and ensuring proper smoke ventilation when integrated into an industrial smokestack system. Every industrial space produces fine particulate matter that makes air quality challenging to control, but the right particulate counter can ensure these are removed in a way that doesn’t ramp up costs for the industrial space. In fact, a properly implemented particulate counter can help users achieve even more energy cost savings because the system is only operating when it needs to be.


Greenhouses are filled with pollutants, making them a prime choice for proper ventilation. From pesticide fumes to other chemical contaminants, the particulates within these spaces can be filtered out with the help of a particulate monitor like the PMX. It offers an innovative automated solution that determines the number of particulates disrupting its light flow and then activates exhaust fans when integrated into your system. This allows you to ensure 24/7 monitoring of these unique spaces and promotes a safer working environment for the teams operating within the greenhouse. 

Commercial Kitchen

The PMX is a favorable choice for use in commercial kitchens, especially those connected to hotel spaces or those that offer a high-end experience. Within a commercial kitchen, smoke and airborne particulates must be carefully monitored to ensure standards are met. This sensor automates the process for fan control and ensures these kitchens can balance reducing their energy expenses while remaining compliant with necessary ventilation standards. This can play a key role in protecting your bottom line and your customers from potentially harmful organisms that the PMX catches. 

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Choose EMX for a Better Particulate Counter Today

At EMX, we’re dedicated to delivering leading solutions to address unique industry challenges. We created the PMX particulate counter to offer vital support to businesses within the greenhouse, manufacturing, and commercial kitchen spaces, among others, to streamline ventilation and reduce energy consumption. Our advanced monitor is known for its reliability, performance, and effectiveness, and it’s the perfect solution if you’re seeking a particulate counter with enhanced customization and capabilities. 

Ready to level up your particulate monitoring and automate your system? Connect with your team today to discuss how you can leverage the PMX and reap its benefits.