color mark sensor

CMYX Color Mark Sensor

  • High-speed, 40kHz switching
  • Broad spectrum white LED
  • Numeral display
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CMYX Product Details and Overview

The CMYX Color Mark Sensor (Contrast Sensor also available) combines small spot size and fast response to achieve high-speed mark detection capable of detecting standard one-track PHARMA-CODE (0.5mm thin bar width) at 2000ft/min.

The CMYX Color Mark Sensor is perfect for printing or packaging applications that require the ability to differentiate between background and color marks during high-speed operation. This color mark sensor provides accuracy and precision for reliable process control.

Color Mark Sensor Applications:

  • Color verification
  • Registration mark detection
  • Printing processes
  • Pharma code, small part detection

Features Within the CMYX Sensor

  • High color contrast sensitivity and resolution
  • High detection speed, 25-microsecond discrete output response
  • Broad-spectrum white LED light source allows detection of all colors
  • Calibration feature allows manual user sensitivity adjustment
  • Unique numerical display indicates measured levels making process setup easy
  • Circular spot allows for any orientation of sensor to marks
Model Number Spot Size Display Range Sensitivity Gain Selections Spectral Sensitivity Operating Range Discrete Output
CMYX 0.5mm 0-99 High Adjustable 400-700nm 28mm PNP/NPN

Black powder coated steel bracket

Cable 5P, 5M, M12, F

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