LEX-100 Light Intensity Sensor

LEX-100 Light Intensity Sensor

  • Display range 0-99
  • Fast response
  • Analog output
  • PNP/NPN discrete output
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More Details About the LEX-100 Sensor

Verify the presence and measure the relative light intensity of a wide variety of light sources, such as LEDs, monitors, and lamps with the LEX-100 Light Intensity Sensor. This light intensity sensor can be used to automate light evaluation processes, monitor light brightness, and, when equipped with user-supplied filters, selectively measure specific light colors.

The LEX-100 is a versatile light intensity sensor that has a 2-digit display that indicates signal strength, making setup and integration quick and easy. User setup parameters include detection threshold and gain adjustment. A 2-meter fiber optic cable with threaded end fitting makes mounting and positioning easy.

For color light measurement, see our LEX-1000 sensor.

Applications for Our Light Measurement Sensor:

  • Verify light source on/off
  • Monitor brightness of light sources
  • Automated testing processes
  • Use filters for color applications

Key Features of the LEX-100

  • High sensitivity and high resolution
  • Fast response
  • Adjustable gain
  • Analog output signal may be used to evaluate light sources based on light intensity
  • PNP/NPN discrete output
  • Remote lock
  • Replaceable fiber optic assembly
  • Robust construction expected in an industrial environment
Model Number Display Range Sensitivity Gain Selections Spectral
Discrete Output
LEX-100 0-99 Standard Adjustable 350-1000nm 2.2mm PNP/NPN

Fiber optic cable, 2 meter

Black powder coated steel bracket

Cable 5P, 5M, M12, F

Fiber optic bracket

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