LEX Light Measurement Sensor

LEX Light Measurement Sensor

  • Display range 0-99
  • Fast response
  • Analog output
  • PNP/NPN discrete output
  • Cable Included


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LEX-100 Light Measurement Sensor

The LEx-100 light sensor is used to measure the relative intensity of a wide variety of visible light sources, such as LEDs, monitors, and lamps. The LEX-100 provides a receiver with a broad-spectrum response from 350nm to 1000nm. A fiber optic cable provides a light guide from the target source to the sensor receiver circuit allowing precise directional control. The LEX-100 employs our field-proven, patented technology for fast response and presence indication making it suitable for many high-speed automation processes. The metal alloy case and metal fittings provide robust construction expected in an industrial environment.

The LEX-100 features a 2-digit display that provides an indication of signal strength making set-up and integration quick and easy. The versatile light sensor provides user set-up parameters including detection threshold and gain adjustment. A 2-meter fiber optic cable with threaded end fitting makes mounting and positioning easy.

The sensor includes both a discrete PNP/NPN output and an analog output. The discrete output is automatically set for PNP or NPN operation. The analog output signal may be used to access light sources based on their light intensity. User-supplied filters may be used to selectively measure specific colors.

For color light measurement, see our LEX-1000 sensor.

Applications for Light Sensors:

  • Verify light source on/off
  • Monitor brightness of light sources
  • Automated testing processes
  • Use filters for color applications


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Key Features of the LEX-100

  • High sensitivity and high resolution
  • Fast response
  • Adjustable gain
  • Analog output signal may be used to evaluate light sources based on light intensity
  • PNP/NPN discrete output
  • Remote lock
  • Replaceable fiber optic assembly
  • Robust construction expected in an industrial environment
Model Number LEX-100
Display Range 0-99
Sensitivity Standard
Gain Selections Adjustable
Spectral Sensitivity 350-1000nm
Optical Input 2.2mm
Discrete Output PNP/NPN

LEX-100 Light Measurement Sensor

Watch how the LEX-100 sensor responds to light from various sources.

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