Glue detection is vital for many applications and requires the use of reliable, high-speed equipment to verify that adhesive has been properly applied. Without this, it must be done manually, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. Ensuring glue is present is necessary to avoid serious challenges down the line, like safety or pharmaceutical labels peeling off and leading to frustrated customers. With the right advanced adhesive sensor on your side, you can support your bottom line, mitigate costly product flaws, and streamline the production process.

Detecting glue demands a piece of equipment with the ability to recognize something within the material to verify its presence on your product. Often, this process includes fluorescent or phosphorescent molecules that emit visible light when illuminated with invisible UV light. When an adhesive sensor can verify this photoluminescent phenomenon within your given threshold, you can ensure that the adhesive is present and your product is ready to move forward.

Read on to learn more about the process of fluorescence within adhesives, explore the common applications for glue detection, and discover the ideal solution to keep up with your production line while delivering accurate results.

The Role of Fluorescence in Glue Detection

The process of fluorescence occurs when susceptible molecules emit light when they enter excited states created by light absorption, friction, or other mechanisms. When a molecule generates luminescence when excited by light photons, fluorescence or phosphorescence occurs, depending on the wavelengths associated with the phenomena and the interval of time in which the molecule is absorbing and emitting light. Fluorescence occurs for a more brief period compared to phosphorescence.

Adhesive materials can be formulated with photoluminescent additives to ensure this process occurs, which allows product manufacturers to monitor the presence of the glue by shining a light on it and measuring its response. This is useful for manufacturers in a wide range of industries, including: 

  • Pharmaceuticals An adhesive sensor can verify that medicine labels are properly applied to ensure the bottles meet necessary standards and equip users with dosage information. 
  • TimberWhen lumber is marked with glue products to denote key processes or information, a sensor can detect its presence with ease. 
  • Product Manufacturers For any producer of products that require adhesive to close or label their creations, reliable and rapid glue detection is key. 
  • And More – Due to their advanced capabilities and customizable nature, adhesive detection solutions are the perfect match for any project that requires the detection of a luminescent material.

This quality control measure is essential to ensure your finished products meet all necessary labeling requirements and will move forward through the production process. Without it, you risk gaining a costly and time-consuming challenge to resolve and handling the task manually can stall your productivity and result in natural human errors.

Instead, turn to a trusted adhesive sensor for seamless and rapid glue identification: the UVX series.

The UVX Series: Find Your Ideal Adhesive Sensor

The UVX series is an industry-leading line-up of impressive luminescence sensors that can detect a variety of materials, including glues formulated with a luminescent tracer. This equipment operates by emitting a beam of ultraviolet light to catalyze light emission of luminescent materials, which the sensor detects and displays on a numerical display that contains the intensity reading as well. This allows you to go a step further than simply verifying that some luminescent material is present — with the reading, you can also determine whether it meets your desired threshold.

The UVX series delivers field-proven performance with patented technology that confirms manufacturing processes more reliably than vision systems that cost 10 times more. When you require a powerful adhesive sensor with a fast response and long-range capabilities to automate your processes and hold up within an industrial environment, turn to this solution. The UVX series was designed with an automatic teach mode, allowing new users to get the equipment up and running without delay while giving more experienced operators the ability to customize it to their precise needs. It also comes in several models to ensure you can find your best fit, and each selection offers reliable performance and rapid results. 

The UVX-100 is the ideal choice for taking simple yet streamlined measurements of the fluorescence of adhesive and verifying its presence on your products. With an adjustable UV light projection and high resolution for pin-head size detection, it was designed for accurate results that allow for tailored measurements based on your environment. With a 0-50 display range, 20-100mm operating range, and standard sensitivity settings, it ensures many photoelectric materials can be read. Need even more sensitivity refinements or a larger operating range? Try the UVX-300, which can operate with a range of up to 300mm. 

For those seeking more advanced machines with even greater analytical capabilities, consider the UVX-300 and -600 models. These can verify how much glue is present and how much is being released, and they come with heightened levels of fine-tuning capabilities. With greater sensitivity features and longer operating ranges of up to 350 or 600mm, they can analyze adhesives that are more difficult to detect. 

Whether you require a simple but rapid solution for detecting adhesive on the production line or you’re seeking something more specialized, EMX is here to help with an advanced adhesive sensor from our UVX series. 

Choose the Right Adhesive Sensor for Your Needs with EMX Today

At EMX, we’re dedicated to providing the best industrial sensors on the market so customers across many industries can enjoy exceptional on-the-line performance and automate manual processes to boost their accuracy and efficiency. Our adhesive sensor options represent our cutting-edge technology that allows for the faster analysis of the presence of fluorescent adhesive, which ensures better quality control that you can trust to operate behind the scenes, manual-effort-free. 

We offer several UVX styles so you can find the best fit for the operating range and fine-tuning capabilities you require, and our options were designed with a simplified plug-and-play experience in mind so you can set them up with ease. We also offer complimentary sample testing at our facility so you can feel confident your purchase will address your challenges before you invest in it.

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