UVX Series: Achieve Ultimate Luminescence Detection with the Latest Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors are a vital asset to a wide range of industrial applications, useful for identifying luminescent materials used in packaging, wood, textile, paper, automotive and medical sectors. For users who have turned to the recently discontinued BALLUFF sensors for their luminescence detection needs in the past, trust the EMX UVX series for direct equivalents. Our powerhouse sensors offer the exact specifications of the BALLUFF sensors and level up beyond many predecessors and competitors to deliver an enhanced experience to users. 

Read on to learn more about the UVX 100 and 300, their key benefits, and how you can leverage them for better, faster luminescence detection in the future. 

UVX Series: The Latest Photoelectric Sensors for Luminescence Detection Today

These high-speed photoelectric sensors have an expansive operating range that goes 3 to 6 times beyond competitors, delivering superior performance and capabilities to users. The UVX series holds the fastest, smallest luminescence sensors on the market and was designed for swift, convenient integration with analog and discrete output included in a single machine. With a unique numerical display, you can see the intensity of each reading so you can further refine processes for your needs. 

The sensors also offer adjustable UV light projection so you can refine your equipment to best serve the demands of your unique application. The UVX sensor was designed with varying needs in mind — whether you’re a brand new operator seeking a streamlined set-up or you require a very precise, fine-tuned setting. This equipment is easier for low-skill operators to calibrate using the auto-teach methods but its manual capabilities empower operators that want a more refined setting dependent on their unique needs.

Let’s explore the key advantages of the UVX series and how you can leverage their performance for your luminescence detection needs. 

Why Customers Love the UVX Series 

Automatic Teach

The UVX 300 and 100 photoelectric sensors come equipped with automatic teach capabilities — in minutes, you can get your system up and running with a simplified set up. Choose the two-button teach process for a streamlined set up perfect for new users, or use a more fine-tuned manual process for expert needs and ultimate customization.


These impressive sensors deliver the ultimate performance in every application — whether you need to identify wood grade markings, pharmaceutical labels, or luminescent glue, the UVX photoelectric sensors are ready to deliver. Their extensive operating range goes 3 to 6 times beyond the competition to enable more precise and extensive luminescence detection. 


These high-speed sensors are designed to keep up with the demands of an industrial environment. They’ll never slow down your operations, and will make your processes even more efficient by eliminating unnecessary manual labor. 

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At EMX, we design innovative solutions to address complex challenges using the latest technology in the industry. Our UVX 100 and 300 photoelectric sensors for luminescence detection represent the smallest, more powerful sensors on the market, offering maximum precision and performance for your luminescence detection needs. We designed them to keep up with production lines and empower users with greater efficiency and control over their detection processes. 

Whether you were a user of BALLUFF sensors and you’re seeking a direct equivalent to replace the recently discontinued line, or you haven’t used a luminescence detection solution before and are ready to leverage their innovations within your application, we’re here to help. Choose our UVX series to level up your luminescence detection with a reliable solution that enables you to get your equipment up and running as you require even faster.

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