Label detection sensors allow for swift, on-the-line determination of whether a label has been applied to a product, and a variety of sensors exist to serve unique purposes. While some equipment is suited to detecting standard or low contrast labels, others are better suited for nearly clear labels. Some label detection sensors offer counting capabilities alone, while others may offer features like overlap detection or splice detection. The unique characteristics of your labels sensor will be determined by your precise needs, but it’s important to choose the right sensor to ensure you’re not purchasing multiple sensors to fulfill different roles, which can become costly. 

EMX offers an accurate, reliable labels sensor that fulfills a wide range of roles without exceeding your budget. Our cost-effective label detection solution allows you to minimize your costs while maximizing your value. Learn more about how you can achieve cost savings with an EMX labels sensor and how we can customize your selection to your unique needs. 

Cost Saving Characteristics of the EMX Labels Sensor

At EMX, we’ve developed our labels sensor to address common pain points experienced by our customers with other choices. Our cost-effective solution offers an array of advantages that enable it to best serve your unique needs within your budget.


Our LabelX sensors include two pieces in a single housing. Our single-piece system is easier and faster to integrate over its multi-piece system counterparts. Minimal calibration is necessary to ensure smooth operation.


We’ve designed our sensor to serve a variety of needs with one piece of equipment, including:

With this labels sensor, you can purchase one device to fulfill a wide range of tasks, cutting costs while boosting the value of your purchase.

Innovative Ambient Light Subtraction

This innovative labels sensor is not affected by other light in your environment. This empowers you to seamlessly integrate the equipment into your production lines without first making major modifications to the environment to adjust for ambient light.

High-Speed Accuracy

Sensor speed matters, and a slow sensor can cost you. The LabelX sensor delivers reliable, accurate results at high speeds so it will never slow you down. At 12.5 kHz, it’s fast enough to keep up with label requirements and keep your application pushing forward.

Easier Installation and Usage

We’ve included LED indicators on this labels sensor to offer a more clear, streamline setup and installation with a specialized Teach Mode that helps you tailor the equipment to your unique needs. When you show the equipment two samples, the label and backer material, you help teach it what to look for. It then uses the LEDs to show what it’s doing and offer visual indications of teach and error conditions. Save time and money when you choose a labels sensor built for more responsive operations that helps you swiftly finetune the installation process.

Simplified Output

This labels sensor is compatible with both PNP and NPN connections, allowing it to easily interface with your unique control system. This boosts compatibility with the other systems you already have and allows you to enjoy smooth operation instead of shorting out due to poor compatibility.  

Customize Your Labels Sensor 

At EMX, we’re committed to helping our customers solve their unique problems with precise solutions. We offer two varieties of the LabelX, both of which offer the key benefits explored above. These varieties include:

  • LBX-50 — This label sensor is best suited for standard and low contrast labels. Within the teach mode, you can press the button one to two times to shift between standard mode and low contrast. 
  • LBX-100 — This label sensor offers enhanced sensitivity for detecting transparent or nearly clear labels. In addition to the standard teach modes, you can utilize a custom teach mode that allows you to record a separate measurement on the gap and on the label itself, offering for better detection of difficult labels. 

Both sensors offer a wide array of advantages, and the choice between the two is made based on what labels you’re working with and what your unique needs are. When you’re ready to make the choice between the two, talk to our team.

Contact EMX to Choose a Cost-Saving, Customizable Labels Sensor

Choosing a label solution can be difficult and costly, especially if you have unique needs or require multiple functions. At EMX Industrial Automation, we’ve developed an innovative, efficient labels sensor with customizable options to best serve your unique needs and suit your label type. Our cost-saving solution offers comprehensive capabilities and can be tailored to your precise applications on the production line.

To learn more about which labels sensor is right for you, reach out to us. We also offer complimentary sample testing, where we conduct a free test on a sample of material you send us and provide a detailed report determining which sensor is best suited for your needs. 

Contact us today to get started.