• Color and color + luminosity detection
  • 20 kHz switching frequency
  • High intensity white LED
  • Up to 500mm operating range
  • USB and RS232 interface
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Reliable Color Sensors for Industrial Automation

With our efficient color sensors, you can verify the presence of opaque targets that can be differentiated by color faster and with greater control. A ColorMax-1000™ color sensor lets your machine see up to 15 colors and RGB intensity. Innovative technology improves sensitivity and speed, so you can maximize the pace of your manufacturing and optimize your facility’s output.

Color Sensor Highlights

Our ColorMax-1000 sensors come with a variety of key features as standard for our customers.

Of particular note, the white balance adjustment feature allows for the entry of correction factors applied to the red, green and blue color measurements which provides a means of adjusting the sensor’s readings. This functionality is useful when multiple sensors are used and setting them for a specific RGB reading of a known target is required.

For a look at our ColorMax white balance adjustment feature in action, visit our helpful video walkthrough.

Other key features of these color sensors for automation include:

  • The ability to recognize 15 colors. Use fewer sensors. No need to reprogram when you change setups.
  • Fast 20kHz sample speed allows for quicker manufacturing and more efficient operations
  • PC-based configuration software giving you the ability to lock out unauthorized changes

Quality Control

Traditional color sensors output only a “match/no match” condition, but the ColorMax-1000 provides analog output values for each RGB reading. Now, machines and operators can see which color is being analyzed and how much color is present, which in turn enables tighter control. Read our application notes on how color sensors ensure error-free manufacturing across a wide variety of industries.


This unit is an accessory that interfaces with the computer or PLC controller.

Application Software

For a look at sensor set-up, visit our set-up demo video.

Color Sensor Options

EMX Industries is proud to offer a variety of color sensing units within our ColorMax line. View our complete product specifications, including number of channels, discrete and analog outputs, available accessories and more.

Consider Our ColorMax VIEW Translucent Color Sensor

If you’re in need of a color sensor for high-speed, on-line color verification of translucent materials, the ColorMax VIEW has been specially designed to meet that purpose.

Features of the ColorMax-1000 RGB Color Sensor

  • See up to 15 colors and RGB intensity
  • A graphic user interface that simplifies the calculation of the correction factors and the process of transmitting them to the sensor.
  • The only color sensor in an M30 package
  • Highest resolution and repeatability specs in the industry
  • 2 to 5 times faster sample speed – for fast manufacturing
  • PC-based configuration; lock out unauthorized changes
  • Sophisticated algorithms ignore luster
Model Number Spot Size
Color Channels RGB Analog Outputs Serial Data
Operating Range
Discrete Outputs
CM1000-1-4 4 1 no no 30-50 PNP/NPN
CM1000-4-4 4 4 no no 30-50 PNP/NPN
CM1000-7-4 4 7 no no 30-50 PNP/NPN
CM1000-15HEX4 4 15 no no 30-50 PNP/NPN
CM1000-4RGB4 4 4 yes no 30-50 PNP/NPN
CM1000-4FLEX4 4 4 yes yes 30-50 PNP/NPN
CM1000-1-8 8 1 no no 30-100 PNP/NPN
CM1000-4-8 8 4 no no 30-100 PNP/NPN
CM1000-7-8 8 7 no no 30-100 PNP/NPN
CM1000-15HEX8 8 15 no no 30-100 PNP/NPN
CM1000-4RGB8 8 4 yes no 30-100 PNP/NPN
CM1000-4FLEX8 8 4 yes yes 30-100 PNP/NPN
CM1000-7-25 25 7 no no 30-150 PNP/NPN
CM1000-15HEX25 25 15 no no 30-150 PNP/NPN
CM1000-4RGB25 25 4 yes no 30-150 PNP/NPN
CM1000-4FLEX25 25 4 yes yes 30-150 PNP/NPN

Accessory kit
Mounting bracket, jam nuts (two), interface cable assembly, 12 VDC power supply, application software, I/O board with status indicators


ColorMax Software

Spec Sheets

Discrete (1, 4, or 7 programmable colors)
Models include:

RGB (4 programmable colors & 3 analog outputs)
Models include:

(15 programmable colors)
Models include:

FLEX (4 programmable colors & 3 analog outputs with data logging)
Models include:




Support Documents

White Balance Adjustment
Color Sensor Selection Guide
Request Color Sensing Technical Brief